Imagine never being afraid of a dimly lit home birth ever again...

It’s your worst nightmare…

You walk into a birth and there are 4 tea light candles, mum is in the bathtub, there are two midwives, dad, grandma and the older sister in the bathroom with mum. There are no other lights on and its 3 am. 

If there’s one thing a Birth Photographer knows, it’s that the birthing environment can be truly unpredictable…

Birth Photographers are faced with some pretty front-line, limited low lighting. And to add to that, if they’re attending a hospital birth, they may not have an opportunity to view the room beforehand, so they have to prepare for any situation.

Over the last 5 years I’ve learnt and taught hundreds of students how to manipulate available light, confidently shoot in small spaces and how to walk into any birth situation with conviction – knowing that they are going to get the perfect gallery.

Ultimately, that’s why I created the…



In this free challenge you’ll learn;


How to Increase your confidence and competence working in low light.


How to drastically increase the ability to produce technically perfect images for a client (no matter the light level).


How to ditch the fear and anxiety of missing that once-in-a-lifetime shot - for good!

Join me and hundreds of other birth photographers and step into the low light

The 5 Day Challenge takes part in our online learning platform and registration is free for any birth photographer who needs technical and moral support to shoot in low light.