Unbox the Vox with Voxer

The newest and coolest and shiniest thing. The walkie talkie to keep your life foxy!

Ya’ll know I’m ALL ABOUT KEEPING SHIT SIMPLE. I like my shit on demand. I’m impatient. (or oddly annoying) 

So if I feel like that, you must too, right?

You have questions…and you need them answered STAT. You don’t have time to post in a group and hope someone answers.
You don’t have time to wait for a return email from your mom. 
You just want a god damn answer NOW. 

Well, HAIIII. Now, because of this wicked walkie talkie, now, you can have me in your back pocket. Legit. The push of a button and I’m THERE. 

The best part?
You can choose 7 days or 30 days to have me in your pocket. 

That is one week (for quick probs) or 30 EFFING DAYS (for the more complex issues) of me, in.your.back.pocket.on.tap.

If you have commitment issues with eCourses or just want the comfort of knowing I’m there in a flash, this is the option for you!

As a new offer, I’m doing 25% off and only taking FIVE people, total, for 7 or 30 days to test the new offering for feedback.